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The Details Behind Outdoor Media and Its Effectiveness

A research study done by Clear Channel, entitled "How Out of Home Advertising Works" has shown outdoor media to have a special way of reaching potential customers. Outdoor advertising is especially effective for reaching a target geographical location which is harder to accomplish through other forms of advertising such as TV, radio, or the internet.

The reason outdoor marketing is such a useful marketing strategy is because things like billboards or inflatable balloons reach those driving or walking by your place of business. These are locals, often on the way to another destination. If they live in the area, they are also likely to return and become regular customers.

The geographical factor of outdoor media has also been shown to have an especially big impact on retail, service, and tourist related industries. This has to do with the precise timing on-location, outdoor marketing enables.

Another advantage of outdoor marketing is that unlike inside the home (where there are televisions, computers hooked up to the internet, radio, magazines, and newspapers) there are fewer mediums competing for attention. This means an out-of-home brand development with billboards or inflatable rentals are placed in areas where there is less competition for people's attention which will result in more people seeing and remembering your business' advertisement.

Another contrast to in-home advertising is that outdoor ads are constant, they are not constrained to only advertising when the power is running and the switched turned to the "on" position. The bottom line is that as long as there are cars driving by and people walking past your ad, your brand development will be reinforced and the message will be getting to potential customers.

Closely tied with being a constant advertisement, an inflatable rental or big balloon communicate a lot of information simply by where they are placed (most often, in your parking lot). In-home ads need to create interest and need with their segments as well as describe where people can get their needs met. A big balloon instantly communicates where your business is located.

Clear Channel found that approximately 65% of out-of-home advertising is spent on billboards. Billboards are most often rented by the month (or 4-week period), at minimum. In contrast, inflatable rentals and balloons can be custom made and bought, meaning until they deteriorate (which should not be for a very long time) they can be on constant vigil.

In the end, Clear Channel found that compared to other types of advertising used for business marketing strategy, that there is a difference in the type of feelings local, out-of-home advertising brings. Television ads usually generate excitement, print and internet marketing are best for relaying product information and attributes, events and in-store displays allow customers to experience a product, and word-of-mouth and social media campaigns reduce the perceived risk of a product that the consumer may feel. Billboards, inflatable rentals, and other forms of outdoor media are best for building awareness, brand development, communicating details of a product's specific features, and generating excitement and publicity about up-coming sales events.